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5on Google,May 15, 2022


I had to post this under my wife name but, I'm Anthony Torello they got me in quick took my information and, had me dosed in under in hour wow they were very kind and, I was very sick but, they had me done in total an hour hat's off to the staff there definitely recommend it to anyone going through withdrawal fentenal is definitely an epidemic and, the world needs more places like this!!!!!!

Recommendedon Facebook,May 09, 2022


when I finally chose to get clean from opiates I decided ARS was my best option. I stuck with it one day at a time and listened. I followed direction and stayed on task. each day got better and each day turned into weeks, months and years. it's there to help if you chose to LET it. It's now becoming the clinic I hoped it could be. the staff seem to care more about our lives outside of there and help those that stay on task and follow rules excell. ARS helped ME be a better ME and in turn helped me save my own life

Recommendedon Facebook,Apr 27, 2022


love this place. intake n transfer was so easy in comparison to other clinics I have been to and I'm thrilled they finally take insurance. the people there are kind n compassionate.

5on Google,Apr 25, 2022


Me and my woman have been coming to this clinic for almost 4 years now,at first we had problems ,we was homeless and worked our way up in phases just to have them taken away because of our situation,we got a home and worked our way back up and now are phase 10 the highest you can go . We showed our selfs and everyone else that we could do it and still are . So I highly recommend giving them a try here at the clinic because all the work is up to you ,not them or anyone else.

5on Google,Apr 08, 2022


I’m very thankful for ARS. This program saves many peoples lives. I have the best counselor “Laura Rivera” anybody could have. She goes above any beyond her duties to help her patients. She truly cares and isn’t just there to collect a paycheck. So if you really wanna be clean this program can help with that but you gotta pull your own weight also.

Recommendedon Facebook,Apr 03, 2022


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4on Google,Mar 28, 2022


Nice place if you are truly serious about getting your life back on track. By that I mean you have to "want the help" and not just go thru the motions like a court ordered program. Also if you do not qualify for medical assistance be prepared to spend $103.25 every week for methadone program... And if u dont have that kind of money on hand then you might as well forget it. Besides the financial part of it, this place absolutely helps people such as myself to live a productive life. --------UPDATE JULY 2019 They no longer provide suboxone for a treatment option. --------UPDATE NOVEMBER 2020 ARS of Camp Hill accepts private insurance. As of now the ONLY ins company accepted is Capital Blue Cross Blue Shield. Besides the Medical Assistance that most patients are on. ---------UPDATE FEBRUARY 2022 ARS is again providing suboxone for a treatment option.

5on Google,Mar 18, 2022


If your willing to get clean and put in the work than this is the place for you. I absolutely love my counselor Emily she is the best. Amy is a great nurse and so is mellissa. They do Change help alot but nobody wants to work this day in time. This place saved my life and I am forever grateful!

4on Google,Mar 02, 2022


I thank God for ARS. I went in truly defeated. They gave me the appropriate treatment I was ready for. Been living life on life terms since 10/6/20. Thanking God I'm almost done with the taper also. Will always be grateful for the way God made things happen for me. Thank you ARS for all the support. Staff is amazing.

Recommendedon Facebook,Feb 03, 2022


the staff is amazing. they truly care about their patients