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Recommendedon Facebook,Jul 28, 2022


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5on Google,Jul 12, 2022


They're absolutely amazing! They take the time out to understand what's going on and take the time to talk to u bout real life things. Jess is absolutely amazing and I appreciate her so much!!!!

Recommendedon Facebook,Jul 07, 2022


The staff are all awesome and caring. They truely care about what happens with you I recommend this place to anyone who is struggling..

Recommendedon Facebook,Jul 07, 2022


Very friendly & clean facility. Staff is beyond helpful in helping you find the treatment that fits your needs. No discrimination, everyone is treated equally.

Recommendedon Facebook,Jul 07, 2022


I was always treated with respect and if I had a problem they tried to help me solve it .The nurses are a great bunch of ladies

Recommendedon Facebook,Jul 07, 2022


The staff truly care and understand the importance of helping others! Hands up for everything 🙌

Recommendedon Facebook,Jul 07, 2022


ARS in Ephrata are lifesavers!!! Staff is very open minded and not judge mental. They help you with groups and staying clean while on the methadone. I’ve been on it for two months now and I love it. I recommend any struggling addict out there to go get help

5on Google,Jun 25, 2022


This is definitely, in my opinion,the best that I've seen! They legitimately care about your recovery & want you to succeed in life. The nurses are THE ABSOLUTE BEST,HANDS DOWN!Doc is awesome & down to earth!Even front desk staff,thru all the as****es they deal with DAILY,,they're WONDERFUL! ITS NOT HARD TO SMILE & SHOW RESPECT PPL,if that's a problem, you need more than ARS can service you with! JS. Anyway, ARS #1.

5on Google,Jun 22, 2022


Great addiction treatment facility with compassionate employees

5on Google,Jun 21, 2022


They are there for the people who really want to get help staff is great and always courteous!!!

5on Google,Jun 17, 2022


I felt so welcomed to this treatment center; the staff are knowledgeable and aren't judgemental. I am very thankful I found this facility because I feel they care more so than the place I was at for more than a decade.

5on Google,May 25, 2022


One of the best clinics out there...

4on Google,May 22, 2022


I’ve been a client here since 4/13/2010. There’s been good and bad within that timeframe but two things I do know is 1. This program works as long as you actually want to get clean and stay that way. And 2. You have to advocate for yourself because no one is going to do it for you. Everyone deserves to live a normal productive life, even addicts. Sometimes certain individuals within this company need to be reminded that we are people too, we are not just a number.

5on Google,May 15, 2022


I had to post this under my wife name but, I'm Anthony Torello they got me in quick took my information and, had me dosed in under in hour wow they were very kind and, I was very sick but, they had me done in total an hour hat's off to the staff there definitely recommend it to anyone going through withdrawal fentenal is definitely an epidemic and, the world needs more places like this!!!!!!