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5on Google,Apr 06, 2023


I will say this, last week the computer was down and it was throughout the whole network, and the nurse had to hand dose and write the bottles out for every patient that has take homes. So I came in and found out I possibly had to dose daily and then not knowing I was going on a work related training out of state. 😡 Needless to say she took everything in consideration and yea I had to wait but she hand dosed every bottle and filled it out. So I just wanted to say thank yous for going the extra mile. It was much appreciated…again thank yous

5on Google,Apr 04, 2023


I have just started a couple of months ago and I also have unfortunately, a severe medical issue that I have to be seen by a surgeon on May 4th. I Thank God That I Found ARS! Everyone has been absolutely Awesome and I Have The Very Best Counselor/Therapist here! Her name is Brandy and she is changing my Way of Thinking and I so want to get Better! She is Absolutely Amazing! She is Also Extremely Understanding of my Medical Condition And Thank God for That! I Like the Staff at the front desk and I like The dosing Nurses! For the First Time, I Feel That I Am Going To Get Better!

5on Google,Mar 30, 2023


I've been on methadone for 23 yrs, ever since 3-5-2000. I started at BCI and have been to 6 clinics, from Florida. Maryland and Delaware and ARS of New Castle is BY FAR THEE BEST AND Nicest clinic I've ever went to. The whole staff, from the nursing staff, to the counselors and everyone else is the nicest. They are very professional and mostly importantly, empathetic to our struggles. They aren't condescending at all, they treat us like human beings and they are always ready to help me when I need something. Im disabled and the nurses help me without me even asking, like getting me water, bringing my medicine and box to me after they're done making up my takehomes and they always have a smile for me. Theres alot more they do but I'd have a small book written if I kept going lol. Keep up the awesome work you guys do for us and thank you for treating me like a friend and not an addict.

5on Google,Mar 30, 2023


The staff at ARS IS amazing .. there is no judgement there everyone makes you feel like you can really beat this addiction and stay clean

5on Google,Mar 18, 2023


Very nice staff!!! It works if you work the program!!!

5on Google,Jan 31, 2023


I personally haven't had any issues or problems, if I did, it would be dealt with.

5on Google,Jan 24, 2023


I’ve been going to this clinic for almost 6 years & it’s GREAT!!!! I’ve NEVER had an issue!!!! If you’re serious about your recovery this is where you need to be!!!! My dad has been going here for about 12 years now. It works if you want it to work! I have always said you can’t help those that don’t want to be helped!!!! If you want help then this is the place to get it!!!!

5on Google,Jan 12, 2023


I was here for a few months as a guest and my experience there was very very fruitful and pleasant Dr.Pierce's amazing doctor and was so helpful and Mr Victor was a very great counselor sees eye-to-eye with you and helps above and beyond this place truly is a gem in the neighborhood

5on Google,Dec 11, 2022


I go daily and its clean and functions well

5on Google,Nov 29, 2022


I’ve been here for going on 5 years never had a problem… I love the staff …they do there Job …if you take your sobriety seriously …they take it just a series as you do.. which means it starts with us the addict.. Do what you are supposed to do and they will help put u in the right position… thank u everyone at ARS for always being there for me personally… much love Bates family

5on Google,Nov 25, 2022


As a guest dose ,the staff & nurses are amazing, Lisa & Mary very professional an amazing job with intake and paperwork very friendly staff

5on Google,Nov 17, 2022


I recommend this place for anyone interested in stay Clean #1...

4on Google,Nov 16, 2022


I've been a client for a couple of years now and I have to say it was a mess when I first got there but it has gotten progressively better over the past couple of years. Keep up the good work.