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Recommendedon Facebook,Feb 05, 2021

Brent Jr

This place is like friggin night and day compared to other similar facilities!!!! Everyone from the receptionist to the nurse to the director are all super, SUPER nice. They actually do try to help you here instead of just shrugging and/or giving you an attitude. Like, I'm telling you, this place is better than the others. If you are struggling with opiate addiction please give them a call!!!!!

5on Google,Jan 11, 2021


Absolutely the best program I've been too. I've had 3 counselors and they all helped me so much. They truly cared about me. I seriously would recommend this place to anybody that thinks they need maintenance. I will always be grateful for ARS and all the counselors for showing me such love and respect. Thank you so much!!

Recommendedon Facebook,Jan 01, 2021


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5on Google,Dec 18, 2020


This is the first facility, and thank God I landed such a incredibly spectacular clinic. It’s clean, the faculty is respectful, understanding, and personable. Not only do I know how respectful, understanding, and personable the faculty is, but- more importantly FEEL it. Elizebeth Verdi must be the most hardworking executive director I’ve ever met...well besides my Dad (love ya daddas)...through all her hard work running her facility, she still manages to makes me feel cared for. There are 2 extremely most important qualities that Liz possesses. Firstly, she makes me feel worthy- like my life is worth living!! Even on days when I may not feel that way, a chat with her is the refuel I needed to keep going. And secondly Liz, doesn’t accept any BS and I LOVE that about her. She will call me out on my $#¡+ and will read me like we are in the library and I’m the book! For me as addict, that’s what I need. Some people can’t handle the truth, but not me I need that. I appreciate that! Marissa at the front desk is awesome! And so is the nurse Kim, this facility would not be the same without her! Everyone works so hard in that building and they don’t even have to! Any of them will go above and beyond for you as long as you’re willing to put in the work! I’m extremely blessed to have this be my first experience in a clinic. It almost sucks because they’ve set the bar so high, so now I’ll other facilities have to step their game up if I were to ever end up in another one. Prayerfully I will get it this time around 🙏🏽.THANK YOU, ARS of Turnersville you are greatly appreciated and my world would not have been the same if each and every one of you hadn’t walked into it! ❤️

3on Google,Nov 06, 2020


"They get 3 stars for just existing in the first place"

Recommendedon Facebook,Nov 04, 2020


ARS made it easy to get the help I needed

Recommendedon Facebook,Nov 02, 2020


no long lines like the clinic in lancaster. All of the staff are so friendly and helpful.

Recommendedon Facebook,Nov 02, 2020


Very friendly and well ran.