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5on Google,Feb 11, 2024


😊🙏ARS is great and the staff is wonderful and helpful😊

5on Google,Feb 06, 2024


This office is full of Spirit. Beautiful people with beautiful souls.

5on BirdEye,Feb 02, 2024


I was a patient here for a few years before COVID hit but relapsed in the middle of the pandemic. I finally gave up fighting and came back and I can say, both times I have been here, have saved my life. Not only did they save my life, I've been able to actually get back to real life and start to build my life again. They have been kind every step of the way, they treat me like I'm a human and not just an addict. I have an amazing counselor and she has been a huge part of helping me get my life back. No place is perfect obviously but the help is here, if you want it ... nobody expects us to be perfect, we can't expect perfection from everyone else.

5on Google,Feb 01, 2024


I t s saving my life I got on this program for pain I was hit by a tractor trailer on the Philly turnpike well out of 9 surgeries a half of tongue later some of the best surgeons in pa 4ye=s laiter the pin is double But dr pierce and saff .ade..e not want to end i all Thank you from the bottom of my heart RICHARD CAPRARELLA

4on Google,Jan 26, 2024


I took my husband here and he was doing great.. then he told me he was to scared to tell his counselor about his other issue with alcohol and 9he's too ashamed to talk to his counselor Craig and I'm trying to get ahold of him but to no avail. I told my husband they are here to help you. So I'm hoping someway I can talk to Craig soon. He hasn't relapsed on his other issue but the alcohol is worse. I'm hoping they can helo him.

5on Google,Dec 24, 2023


I am very grateful for ARS of Ephrata, also known as Addiction Recovery Services. They employ staff members that care about your quality of life within your treatments and your recovery. I recommend this ARS to anyone thinking about MEDICAL THERAPY or switching from a current clinic. Compared to N.D. in Wyomissing, PA, The experience is night and day difference and is much better I would give them a 9.5 out of 10. Also, the most important part to me was: You don’t need to wait for 6 weeks per take home bottle. ARS are reasonable with regards for how quickly you can acquire take home dose bottle privileges. If you live in outside of Ephrata like me in Reading, they provide a van for transportation at no cost. I am very pleased with this facility and plan to stay with them for a long time.

4on Google,Dec 18, 2023


Can you transfer from another clinic to this one and what do I gotta do

5on Google,Dec 13, 2023

Victor Chavez

I’ve been attending this place for 4-5 months and I can say it’s a wonderful place. They accommodate u well, and the staff is awesome. I absolutely love the nurses they are so nice. I recommend this place if you’re wanting to change your life for the better. Give it a shot, you’ll be happy u did. It’s $15 a day without insurance if anyone is wondering.

4on Google,Dec 13, 2023

Kristen M.

I don't like recovery but I don't mind this place. I had an issue and then I came back. I was assigned a counselor who actually cares and doesn't treat me like a freak show. Thank you!

4on Google,Dec 04, 2023


John Brooks is harm prevention ars is harm reduction which is common sense it can't be prevented by punishment

5on Google,Nov 13, 2023


Best way to get clean. Lancaster ls not safe but Ephreta is a good atmosphere and no drama or shady people. I'm not even aware that I have a addiction because it is not anything about my treatment that is a hassle or stigma attached.

5on Google,Nov 01, 2023


I wish I had come here sooner. I have been treated with kindness and respect since my first phone call when I decided to get help. They have so many helpful programs and also have trauma therapy counseling. I have been going now for almost three months and I have only encountered kindness, caring, and respect from all the employees. They offer so many helpful programs and even if it's something they don't offer, they are willing to assist you in finding what you are looking for. I encourage everyone to take advantage of everything they have to offer. Even if you don't think they offer it, just ask, you might be surprised.

4on Google,Oct 27, 2023


There really is help you just really have to want to help YOURSELF there’s help everywhere

5on Google,Sep 15, 2023


Great staff, friendly and always in a positive mood. People that go here for treatment are nice as well. Everyone minds their business. Does what they need to do and leave. A great place to find wellness.