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5on Google,Sep 14, 2021


Absolutely wonderful very strict but as long as you want to be in recovery this is a wonderful place 8 yrs I was treated with the up most respect 5 stars all the way!!!! I would like to add an update to my review after reading negative reviews first off Beva the office manager is the most wonderful women she cares very much and always answers to get phone and does her best also never in 12 yrs of being a patient there did they ever dose after 10 am ! The staff is all amazing!! Now methadone will work on Fentanyl it may take a few weeks to get the proper dose to get max relief but it will work if you are using they will not dose you my god they don't want you dead they want you well so please don't let negative reviews scare you away ! Trust a patient who has been at this clinic 12 yrs thanks you ARS

5on Google,Sep 02, 2021


(Translated by Google) Very well (Original) Muy bien

5on Google,Sep 02, 2021


Great place to go in a time of need. The staff is very friendly, polite and understanding. They do not look down on you one bit and they're not judgemental. Idk where I would be without them.

5on Google,Aug 22, 2021


I love this place! Saved my life nurses and doctors are awesome! And great counselors as well

5on Google,Jul 30, 2021


I started on this Clinic back in March and yes I see a lot of reviews that may have been left during a transitioning. That the clinic had gone through. However as of recently I noticed that lines are smaller you are in and out and the staff is available to handle your issues. I will be honest I am not thrilled at the camera in the bathroom either and no I don't know if it's legal however I knew about it from the first day I was there. If it wasn't for ARS of Turnersville I don't know if I'd be alive right now. After battling addiction for 20 years off and on my last use I was clinically dead after being clean for 4 months thanks to ARS I'm not afraid that this will happen again. I just had my first session with my new counselor Aja and it went wonderfully.Kaleena was extremely helpful just a few days ago with an issue that could have affected me even getting my dose that day which was a misunderstanding I however was very upset and worried and she immediately helped me calmed me down and made sure that I was dosed for the day. Jasmine the new receptionist seems to be learning very fast and does a lot on her own so I give credit where credit is due. There are two nurses now and I believe they're working on more but I must say the two nurses that we have in the morning our wonderful. They always greet me with a smile ask how I I am and are professional yet efficient. Like I said I totally understand why some of the reviews I say what they say but the reason I chose ARS of Turnersville was because in March when I started I looked them up and they had a reading of five stars I can understand why it went down to three stars during their transition. However I truly believe they've earned their stars back. I would recommend ARS to any struggling addict or an alcoholic in need of help. Thank you for all you do.

4on Google,Jun 29, 2021


A very good place, I unfortunately had a falling out there recently. Methadone and Suboxone treatment does absolutley nothing to combat fentanyl addiction. This is why half the place comes in positive for fentanyl. This method of treatment needs to be reinvented and changed FAST because patients coming in positive for fentanyl are on their way out the door now, like myself, sooner or later.

3on Google,Jun 17, 2021


The social worker helped me with placement, and to be cumunity oriented again. My treatment team, and therapeutic classes help me to regain focus and join the workforce again. Maintaining structure and having guidance help me to achieve my goal of recovery. Dedicating yourself is the first step.

Recommendedon Facebook,May 27, 2021


this is by far the best clinic that I have ever went to including my family members think the same the people at ARS are kind loving caring and honest and they really care about your well-being and your health even though some people have left new people have came in and they are friendly as well and I never want to leave this clinic honestly and I'm sure a lot of people think the same thank you to everybody and ARs and all of the nurses and the new nurses that have started at our clinic and thank you to the new counselors that have taken over and thank you for the front desk

Recommendedon Facebook,May 24, 2021

Rheanna Lynn

I recommend ARS because I have the most wonderful counselor anyone could ever ask to have Vickie Hall she has helped me though this long hall with all of her good knowledgeable advice and always there to tell me that I’m doing good and she’s so honest and caring. By have a counselor like Vickie it makes each and every day much more easier she has literally guided me on the path that I needed to be on she was my counselor in Martinsburg and now in Winchester. Just being able to be 100% honest and open with someone that I completely trust that’s what a real counselor is. Vikki I just want to thank you for everything and all of the good advice you have given me through this long journey I’ve came a long ways.

Recommendedon Facebook,May 22, 2021


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3on BirdEye,May 05, 2021


Its hard to not give the place the great credit it deserves just because one member of the team is rude and controlling.I dont enjoy how my recovery or dose that day is dictated by the receptionist' atitude for that day.Other than that the place has made wonders in my life and had been helping me get past a part of life i didnt think possible and im very thankful for recovering this far.

5on BirdEye,Apr 21, 2021


ARS, in Winchester va is alot of help ,it help me an gave me the tools an help I needed to fight around an stay on my feet. The people who say it doesn't help or they are just about the money , dont really want help yet in getting clean . AND THAT IS KEEPING IT 100% !!! If you want to really quit an want it not for anyone else but for you ! Then they can really help you , an this is coming from my heart, they really help me an still are helping me today!! Thank you !!