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5on Google,Nov 23, 2021


Buen lugar de tratamiento ..

5on Google,Nov 20, 2021


I've been here for a while just like every facility it has issues but great place and ppl

5on Google,Nov 05, 2021


Unbelievably amazing company and treatment facility that has helped me in regaining my life back. Whether you choose to stay on MAT or you want to be on it short term the doctor and nurses are there to help you. Ive always had support from everyone involved in my treatment. Awesome therapists

Recommendedon Facebook,Oct 07, 2021


Ive been to quite a few places unfortunately. 20 years of heroin addiction and misery. I thank God for ARS. ive only been here less than a month but I came in with 4 months clean amd on methadone. ARS made transition smooth and easy. Its just nice to be treated so non judgemental. 5 stars and recommend to anyone who needs MAT.

Recommendedon Facebook,Oct 06, 2021


yes it's a great place if u wanna calm atmosphere to be around to get clean

5on Google,Oct 02, 2021


Professional and nonjudgmental place for recovery. $15/daily (without insurance).

3on Google,Sep 23, 2021


I am happy with my counselor. I have had 5 counselors since November of 2020 & I finally have one that I like. I do not like that there's at least a 30 minute wait just to get your medicine. I don't like that I have been given several different counselors because they can't keep help. They need to stop taking new patients because they can't take care of the ones they have.